The search for a new settlement

After 10 years leaping through Asia from South Korea, Thailand and China I find myself back in the western hemisphere.   Living in Asia has been an amazing experience, working as an English teaching has been both lucrative and opportunistic for me opening so many other doors.  As a teacher I was able to save money for travel and most importantly clear my debts.  With the goals I set and opportunity to invest early I can finally hang up my chalk and markers to focus on my true passion, photography!

But where to next? After spending 4 years in China it was time to leave, it was an amazing experience with so many awesome adventures.  I arrived back in the US in July to spend time with family for the holidays and use 6 months to figure out my next destination.  I’ve already lived in Thailand, I studied in to get a Masters degree in Environmental Public Health but it’s one of those countries that I always find myself going back to.  This time I wanted to have no extra studies, no extra work, no teaching this time just my my own schedule to focus on myself and my craft.  Is Thailand going to be the place or will it be elsewhere?

Vietnam? Costa Rica? Alaska?  Where to next? Covid could not have happened at the worst time.  So much free time so many restrictions.  3 months back in the US and I already feel like I’m the foreigner.  Currently in  New Jersey USA.

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