La Antigua NFT Collection

“La Antigua” is a collection of photographs shot in the former colonial capital of Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala which means the Ancient or old Guatemala is a small city surrounded by volcanoes. It’s renowned for its Spanish colonial buildings, many of them restored following a 1773 earthquake that ended Antigua’s 200 year reign as Guatemala’s colonial capital.

This collections presents the vibrant history of individual home and establishments through out the old colonial capital. Click here for full collection

Living in Asia for 10 years had me looking for more of an adventure, being Hispanic and American I live close to Latin America but never really made it down there for photography. During the pandemic I left Asia to focus more on Latin America and history.


The town experienced a huge volcano eruption in 1773 ended Antigua’s 200-year reign as Guatemala’s colonial capital. It’s renowned for its Spanish colonial buildings, many of them restored. Getting lost in the streets is an attraction in itself.


I went in January but the trip was cut short due to family emergency I managed to make it down in April a month after I started my NFT journey. NFTs motivated me to capture this town in all it’s glory and here we are now with one of my proudest collections and most authentic


The Roadmap Release 37 images @ .25 $ETH and 1 collage of the whole town @.45 eth reserve *Collectors of past work can bid .20 ETH *3 pieces in the collection have a hidden trait that makes you eligible for an airdrop these 1 of 1 pieces below at random so choose wisely


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