Hey It’s me!

Holi Hai Festival, Busan South Korea

Hello I’m Edward Rivera, photographer, cinematographer, Travel Enthusiast and good story hoarder. Currently in New Jersey, USA. Creative director of Roving Rivera.

Started traveling in 2007 and like most people they want to capture memories and share them with family. I bought my first noob canon aka the Canon Rebel and started shooting. It wasn’t until 2015 I started to take a real serious interest in learning how to be a better photographer and decided I would make this more than just a hobby.

Like many of us we want to express ourselves through art but I never felt artistic in my life until people started to compliment my work. This inspired me to be unique in how I saw the world to be honest. Everything became a potential art piece to me, a rusty bridge, a simple square frame of a door, and even a broken pipes could be salvaged as a prop for some steam punk photoshoot.

If you want to know more about me watch my interview below with the CEO of Spotted Places

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