LiveGood promises to provide passive income for those who join their Affiliate program, and also they offer a variety of health and wellness products. The first time I heard about them, I was surprised to learn that they have over 200K members in 120 days of their inception, and at the time of writing 3K-5k people join daily. So I looked into why is it so popular, and if it can be a sustainable source of passive income.

To start a sustainable source of passive income while only working 1-2 hours a day please follow the link below to understand the compensation plan and secure your position on the team today

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In case you are interested in what exactly LiveGood products are, they sell supplements to maintain health and wellness, including popular things like multi-vitamins. Their other products are also reasonably priced, regular buyers who decide to become a member get lower prices.

Even if you have no intention to sell or buy their products, the fact that they are marketable and popular is still relevant, because the overall project growth helps everyone, even if they are passive members who joined only looking for the passive income.

LiveGood has system that strives to be fair to everyone. Their multi-level referral system has “spillover” feature, the spillover is created when your enroller and other people above you in the “Matrix” enroll people faster than you, which means if there are members on the team who struggle to get referrals (or choose to just wait for the spillover to happen because they want completely passive income), the system will help them automatically. Those who actively enroll, also can benefit from spillover, because it is not based on literal speed of enrollment, it is just makes more difference for those who do not enroll others or do it at a slow pace. Please refer to “The 2×15 Forced Matrix” section of this article to understand better how it works exactly. But basically, the earlier you join, the more you will benefit from the spillover.

Despite multi-level referral system, there are not too much ponzimonics, LiveGood does not motivate to overinvest like many other projects, instead it is about the real products and team building (even for those who decide to take passive approach and rely only on spillover). This is what allowed the system to scale up to over 250K members already, because it is attractive to multiple categories of people — those who are looking only for passive income, those who are team builders, and those who would like to earn through affiliate marketing.

How to join

Step 1 — reserve your position

Even if you have not made a decision to join, but still considering it, you may want to reserve your position. What “reserving position” mean exactly? It comes at no cost and it is the first step of the joining process — it just requires you to enter your name and email. Then your position in the “Powerline” will be reserved until Thursday 23:59:59 UTC-5. It will be explained later in the article what this all mean exactly.

You can only reserve your position by visiting somebody’s referral link, I will appreciate if join my team, as your enroller I will be there to help you and answer any questions you may have either now or in the future: — please click here to join.

The reason why would you want to reserve your position even if you are unsure if will become a member, is because those who join sooner, are more likely to benefit first from the spillover and it will be easier to earn passively for them, so it is good idea to do this right away, given fast pace of growth of the userbase. Then depending on day of the week, you may have up to full week to make your decision. You also will see how many people will join under your own Powerline while you still are reading this article! “Powerline” refers to people who join after you and some of them eventually may be placed under you in your 2×15 Matrix due to spillover, which will be explained later in the article.

The reserving of your position is a simple process, it takes just a moment to enter your name and email and click the button:

Before deciding to pay for your membership, I suggest to read this article fully, including Risks section, in order to make informed decision, and also do your own research about LiveGood project. I cannot provide financial advice, but I can share my own knowledge and experience with this project.

Since spillover probability depends on upline performance, it is worth mentioning that I am active member in the community and plan to stay active, and I have an active Enroller above me, and there are active Platinum and Diamond Leaders in my upline — which means that you are more likely to benefit from the spillover if you are on my team, than if you register under somebody with less active upline. Having bigger upline is beneficial, and provides a better position for those who are just joining the project. Also, since my team is not very big, this means spillover events on my 2×15 Matrix potentially may happen more often, compared to someone who already have a huge team.

Step 2 — choose username and provide personal details

When you are ready, if you decide to join after reserving your position, you can create your account by choosing your username, password and payment method (either “Cryptocurrency” or “Credit Card”). This is how the full form will look like:

Step 3 — Make your payment

After providing your personal details, you can scroll down until you will see two options to choose from:

You can either pay $49.95 for Affiliate Sign Up + 1 month of membership, or $139.95 for Affiliate Sign Up and one year of membership. Then you will need to pay either $9.95 every month or $99.95 every year.

Please note that if you decide to go the passive route and rely only on spillover, you may want to consider buying yearly membership to save money, because it takes time to build up your passive income this way. This makes sense, because there are no sustainable projects which would offer you very quick passive ROI. What is great about LiveGood, is that you do not need to be a whale to build up your passive income over time, and there are no whales who can potentially drain the system like in most projects where you can invest crypto.

After choosing the option you prefer, click green “Continue” button. You can pay either with cryptocurrency or your credit card. If you decide to pay with BNB (on Binance Smart Chain), exact amount of BNB you have to pay will be calculated based on $49.95 membership price. You will se a dialog like this, and your price will be guaranteed for 15 minutes:

Your initial membership fee you only have to pay once, but in case you miss your monthly or yearly payment you will miss spillover and passive income during the period when you was inactive.

The above was a short overview of LiveGood project and how you can join. For those who are interested in learning more details, please continue reading the second part of the article below. In next few sections I will explain how exactly LiveGood system works, and also review what you can expect and what risks to consider, before you decide if you want to join or not. I start with describing Ranks, even if you do not plan to recruit others, it is still important to know to understand how LiveGood system works.


Ranks are based on active members under you. Active members are those who have membership for the current month.

BRONZE — Those who have 2 personally enrolled active members.

SILVER —Those who enrolled at least 10 active members, and in addition to that have a total of 20 active members on the team, or alternatively three separate enroller tree legs each with a Bronze ranked Affiliate, and total of 20 active members in your team.

GOLD — To reach this rank, you need to enroll 30 active members and have a total of 100 active members in your Enroller Tree team, or 3 separate Enroller Tree legs with a Silver ranked Affiliate plus a total of hundred active members in your team. Or alternatively, one hundred active members in your Enroller Tree team with no more than 30 counting from any individual Enroller Tree leg.

PLATINUM — Must have 100 personally enrolled active members plus a total of 500 active members in your Enroller Tree team, or 3 separate Enroller Tree legs with a Gold ranked Affiliate plus a total of 500 active members in your Enroller Tree team. Or 500 active members in your Enroller Tree team with no more than 150 counting from any individual Enroller Tree leg.

DIAMOND — Must have 3 separate Enroller Tree legs with a Platinum ranked Affiliate, plus a total of 2,500 active members in your team. Or 2,500 active members in your Enroller Tree team with no more than 500 counting from any individual Enroller Tree leg.

The 2×15 Forced Matrix

Each member is a part of somebody else’s 2×15 Matrix, and they have their own too (even if they do not enroll anyone themselves).

“2” refers to number of direct spots in the matrix under each person. “15” refers to the number of potentially beneficial for you total levels of new members below you.

Imagine yourself at the top, and that you already have two people under you. If you enroll one more person, spillover will happen, and the new member will be placed under the first person in the matrix under you, who have an empty spot available in the 2×15 Matrix, even though they did nothing at all (you still receive full reward, if you enrolled somebody).

The same is true for you as well, you can benefit from your upline enrollments this way, depending on where you are in their matrix and how fast it is being filled. This includes not only your enroller, but other uplines above them as well.

Each row in the 2×15 matrix has two times of spots than the row before it. So on the first row there is only two spots directly under you, then 4 spots below them, and so on.

This is one of the reasons why LiveGood is attractive to everyone, even those who have no plans to build their own team, or sell any products. Your success does not depend on your direct upline either — but all the uplines combined. The higher someone above you is, the more time you have to wait until you get spillover from them, this depends on where you are in their 2×15 Matrix exactly. But it will happen periodically, helping to fill spots below you in your own 2×15 matrix over time.

This is also the reason why it is still worth joining even though the project has over 100K members already — people actively growing their teams above you, including not only your direct enroller but others above them as well, and this will help you to grow too.

This system greatly increases success rate for an average person, unlike typical MLM, where most people end up rekt. Please note that there are still risks, just like in any other project where you need to invest money upfront, this will be reviewed in more details later in the “Risks” section of this article.

The Compensation Plan

There are 6 way to earn income in LiveGood. In this section of the article I will describe each one. Even if your plan does not involve enrolling other or selling any products, and you are here just with the intention to earn passive income thanks to spillover, it still may be worth familiarizing yourself with how the system works.

Income Stream #1 — Earn from referrals

The first and most obvious way is to promote the project yourself and enroll others, you will get approximately $25 per referral. You will also earn from their referrals, up to 10 levels deep, depending on your rank. Most people who actively build the team end up with either Bronze or Silver rank, so you can expect at least 2–4 levels. But even if everybody had Diamond rank, LiveGood still would be sustainable, so it does not overpromise what it can actually pay. The table below provides complete summary what referrals rewards you can expect depending on your rank:

Weekly “Fast Start Commissions” are paid out on the first month’s membership and on the $40.00 affiliate sign up fee. So you will receive $5 for any new members that you refer, plus $20 for any new affiliates you refer. Since people often join as both a member and an affiliate, you will receive both of those amounts for a total of $25 paid out the very next week to your balance.

You will be withdraw your earning either to your crypto wallet or your bank account (crypto withdrawal is available for all countries, other withdrawal methods may be available depending on your country).

Income Stream #2 — Matrix Commissions

When you lock in your position in LiveGood, you can think of it as getting your own business center in their 2×15 Matrix. As more people join LiveGood, they are placed in the Matrix under everyone who already there. This is why it is worth reserving your position even if you did not decide if you want to join or not. So the sooner you lock in your position, the higher your position will be in the Matrix.

Even without enrolling anyone, LiveGood system potentially allows up to $2047.5 of monthly income based on $9.95 monthly membership fees from people under you.

Matrix Commissions are limited based on your rank. Please note that these are “up to” values (upper limits in the system) you can potentially reach over time in the long-term. What you actually will earn depend on how many members are placed under you in the Matrix, and how many of them will pay their second month of membership and beyond. Here is the official description of how Matrix Commission works along with some examples:

Matrix Commissions and Matching Bonuses are paid Monthly the first week of each month for the previous month’s Matrix volume. Remember, the first month’s Membership is paid out in Fast Start Commissions only. So Matrix volume starts to accumulate on Members’ second month Membership and beyond.

Example: If you joined LiveGood in January and you have 50 Members under you in the Matrix in January, you would not earn a matrix commission for January because only Fast Start Commissions are paid on first month Memberships. Assuming all 50 of those Members remained active in February, you would receive your first Matrix commission the first week of March for those 50 Members in your Matrix who paid their second month Memberships in February.

Income Stream #3 — Matching bonus

In addition to Matrix Commissions, you can earn so called “matching bonus”. You will match 50% of the Matrix Commissions on everyone who you enrolled personally. Depending on your Rank, you can get Matching Bonuses up to five generations deep. But even if you do not have any Rank, it is still pretty good bonus at the first generation.

Income Stream #4 — Retail Commissions

LiveGood offers reasonably priced products and if you decide to promote them, you can earn Retail Commissions. Even if you do not sell any products yourself, you still may earn from this if somebody under you manages to sell something, according to the table below:

Income Stream #5 — Influencer Bonuses

For Affiliates who actively market Retail LiveGood products on a larger scale, they can earn additional bonuses. If you sell products in bulk, you can get up to 100% of the difference between the retail and member price on products you sell.

If you an average person, then you may not get the influencer bonus yourself. But if you get lucky and get an influencer below you in the matrix, even if not personally enrolled but due to spillover, you still can benefit thanks to Retail Commissions described above.

Income Stream #6 — Diamond Bonus Pool

Few people will reach Diamond rank, but those who do benefit greatly from this, because they get profit from the Diamond Pool — 2% of total company sales every month. This is indirectly beneficial for an average person because Diamond members usually keep being active, it is their busyness, and they are skilled in enrolling new people, which helps to create spillover events more often, which in turn benefit everyone in the system below and above them.

Personal LiveGood websites

After you become affiliate member, if you choose the active strategy, instead of just waiting the passive income to come to you through spillover in the system, you may find your personal LiveGood sites useful to promote either your team and/or LiveGood products (for these examples, my username is shown in each link, but you will get links with your username after you become a member).